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  1. Jenny McH says:

    Hi Ingrid, I have just found your blog via Spirit Cloth blog. Imagine my surprise to read that you also live in Melbourne. On reading your ‘about’ section I was very taken with your words…’that you had been brought up to follow the rules, do as you were told, stay within the lines’, I have yet to try my hand at ‘freeing’ my style of sewing. I still follow the pattern & ‘do as the instructions dictate’, yet time & again I am drawn to the blogs & books of those that break away from following the rules.
    Wishing you all the best in following where your heart leads you.
    from Jenny (outer eastern suburbs)

    • Ingrid says:

      Hello Jenny, so nice to find someone in my neighbourhood. Just like you, I have been searching for people who not only break the rules, but encourage and support those who want to, but are not really sure how. Connecting with Spirit Cloth and those that follow Jude, as well as finding other blogs with similar interests is keeping me motivated and I am in awe of the talent and the generosity of so many. In the words of Steve Moneghetti (Aussie marathon runner for those who may not know), “just do it”! Keep in touch and let me know how you are going.

  2. colorsmith says:

    oh- I wish I lived next door to you or even on the same half of the globe…
    Thank you for sharing those links to the freeform textile artists – I had no idea. It seems like I have been doing that all my knitting life but so many people look at it like I am kind of strange. I just can’t follow a pattern. It gets boring! Love piecing little bits of anything together. yarn, fabric, paper, glass…. just about anything. Thank you again for sharing that with me.. I feel vindicated that I now know what art tribe I belong with.

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