Living in a leafy suburb of Melbourne, I have an obsession with anthropology/archaeology,  natural fibres,  old and new textiles, particularly those  made by hand, including quilts, embroidery, weavings and so on.  This interest has led me to try my hand at many of these skills with handspinning, quiltmaking and now weaving being amongst my favourite techniques.  Living a simple life, enjoying my family, garden, two dogs and 3 bunnies, I delve into anything remotely connected to the handmade textile, primitive, traditional and current.

Having been brought up to follow the ‘rules’, do as I was ‘ told’  and basically stay within the drawn lines, I battle with the concept of lateral thinking and problem solving.  Tell me where to put the stitch, how to cut the fabric and what pattern to use and I can make most items, but to start from scratch without guidelines is a daunting prospect.  I read somewhere that to succeed is to pick oneself up off the floor after falling and try again and no matter how many times you fall, continue on. With that in mind, I spin, quilt, knit and am teaching myself to weave on an 8-shaft loom and love it all.

This  journal will document the highs and lows of creating textiles by hand and whatever may inspire or catch my interest may be included.  It is my personal record, however all are welcome and comments most definitely appreciated.


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  1. Anita says:

    Hi, Just hopped over from Spirit Cloth. Very nice blog – I particularly like the banner, with its very beautiful yarn. Look forward to reading future posts. Anita (England)

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