The colour of lemons

Dyers Chamomile, fresh flower heads, alum mordant, pure Finn fleece (white), equals delightful soft lemony fibre – limitless projects, especially for babies and small children.  Finn has no prickle factor that some don’t like with wool.  Actually, well prepared wool with the short fibres and rubbish removed should not cause any discomfort to the skin (exception are those with allergies).

Just as wonderful, this superfine merino top was dropped in the exhaust dyepot.

There still seemed to be some colour left in the pot,  immersed some merino/corriedale fleece but think I may have pushed my luck as the colour is very washed out, though the photographs don’t illustrate the differences in the shades for each of the fibres. It will be interesting to see the results of the finished products.  Colours of fibre darken when spun, so even the palest fibres can look quite different as yarns.

Happy Holidays!

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6 Responses to The colour of lemons

  1. deanna7trees says:

    dreamy. i must get back to practicing my hand spinning.

  2. ebcareerteam says:

    ooh I would love to buy some yarn or roving that color… do you sell? You really know how to get rich earthy colors…

  3. ...iph... says:

    This is the loveliest color to see, these dark December days. How on earth do you resist the urge to hoard tons and pile all up this lovely soft fleece up in a mountain in the corner of your bedroom and make a nest out of it and sleep in it? That’s what I would do for sure. :o)

    You have photographed these so beautifully.

    • Ingrid says:

      It is very tempting and I have been known to bury my face in a bag of fleece (sometimes greasy fleece) and revel in its simplicity. I do love wool, and yes I have a tendency to hoard it too. The man in my life is mildly concerned that my preferences of adoration have altered over time……

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