Magic seeds

Jack’s beanstalk ? – nope, just a self sown tomato that seemed to grow overnight.

wool/silk from here.

Hand dyed merino angora blend.

Trying to get on top of the backlog before Christmas, or at least some of it.


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7 Responses to Magic seeds

  1. Nancy says:

    These colors are dreamy 🙂

  2. Kristin McNamara Freeman says:

    Those colors, that wonderful yarn has me running for needles to start on a project with it!

  3. colorsmith says:

    Love these colors. They are peaceful. and love the concept of magic seeds. Seeds are magic arn’t they.


  4. Ingrid says:

    Thank you Cami. Plants springing unbeckoned from the earth always astound me – the best kind of magic.

  5. ...iph... says:

    How beautiful! What a marvelous tomato plant… as warm as it’s been here for December, I can’t imagine anything growing so green and lush right now where we are! A treat to see it.

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