Cloth and becoming cloth

Linen, cotton off-cuts dyed with plants from the garden, green tea, black grape and tumeric. I am hoping Jude of Spirit Cloth may have some use for them in her unique and amazing Feather Project for under-priviledged children. If you are able, please check her blog (Spirit Cloth) in the sidebar and help out if you can.

Random dyed fleece drying in stormy weather.

These skeins are going into a mini exhibit for natural dyes at the local Victorian Handweavers and Spinners Guild  – a random selection of plant colours.


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5 Responses to Cloth and becoming cloth

  1. Nancy says:

    Such lovely colors. I’m sure Jude will appreciate these fine contributions.

  2. deanna7trees says:

    such soft, cozy colors. and just love seeing that fleece.

  3. Jenny M says:

    Loving those skeins, the colours are so beautiful. I am sure Jude will appreciate the cloth.

  4. ...iph... says:

    They’re so lovely! As usual, I want to bury my face in all that fleece. Look at that gorgeous purple!

  5. Ingrid says:

    Thank you. I appreciate your comments.

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