Wild Fibres

Breakfast anyone?

Do we have enough?

Bunny love.

I’m the pretty one.

I may not be the pretty, but I’m the one on the box!

No time to play with the weaving loom or spinning wheel today.  The divine creatures in today’s post provide me with home grown bunny wool to add into my handspun creations.  The large grey bun in the group photos is an English Angora, and gives me lovely handfuls of Angora fibre.  The two babies are Cashmere bunnies, but are not associated with the cashmere that comes from goats of the same name, though their fibre is deliciously soft.

By now it will be evident that animals are an important part of my life, for their antics as well as their wool.

Have a great day!

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6 Responses to Wild Fibres

  1. Nancy says:

    They sure are cute!

  2. The most beautiful bunnies and yarn. I am working on my first feather patch for Jude…lucky me!

  3. ...iph... says:

    Holy cats, that second fellow is insanely cute. Well, if hand-dying fiber comes with a passel of bunny rabbits, then I’M IN! I’m all in!

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