Medieval torture?

Not a great photo.  Am having difficulty getting clear pictures of the variation of colours and showing off the wool/fibre I am so besotted by.  Pity we don’t have touch sensation yet, no doubt it is only ‘minutes’ into the technological future ……

This dangerous piece of equipment looks positively medieval and something that could have been used in a torture chamber long ago.  But no, it is a simple mechanism for ‘picking’ open fleece staples to make carding or spinning a little quicker and easier.

During the ‘watches’ of the night, I decided to separate the fibres into two large bags, one light/medium grey and the other all the darks combined.  Have thrown a little more than a kilo through the picker to open it all up and blend the colours.  The lighter fibre will keep for another occasion.

Next step is to card into batts for spinning.  It is possible to spin directly from this fluffy cloud and obtain an interesting textured yarn, however,  as the fleece has felt a little coarse, I am going to add black alpaca into the mix.   Trying to achieve a soft, luxurious dark charcoal yarn.

Off to walk the dogs before the rain sets in.

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