Blacks, greys and everything in between

Two bags of washed variegated fleece.  Soft but not for next to skin wear, perfect for an aran woolly sweater.  The colours have been sorted, bagged and waiting for inspiration.  What to do with so many variations of greys/blacks, some bags only have a small amount of one particular colour.  I could:

  1. spin each colour separately
  2. blend the whole lot and then spin into yarn
  3. ply or not to ply (leave as singles)
  4. take handfuls of each colour and try and achieve a gradation of colour – would have to be  systematic and keep an equal order if they are to be plied, singles would not be a problem
  5. take random handfuls and see what I get
  6. spin a long thread of each colour, navajo ply resulting in selfstriping yarn
  7. Add some colour
  8. put it in the too hard basket and wait for inspiration to strike!!

Decisions need to be addressed before proceeding with fleece preparation.  The project I have in mind is a sweater for next winter, especially as I manage to wear mine until they are threadbare and falling apart.

Sometimes visualizing the end product is the easy part, however actually getting there is another thing entirely – !

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