Moments in the sun

Nan in a quiet moment mending an old crocheted blanket she made long ago.

These are varying shades of eucalyptus dyed fibre, various fleece types, corriedale, merino, as well as angora bunny, cria (baby) alpaca.  To achieve these shades, I used different species of eucalyptus leaves,  some from different suburbs and country areas.  Other elements that effect results include, the type of dye pot used, how long the leaves simmered to extract the dye as well as the fibre used and length of time left in the dye pot for take up of colour.  Never being one to write copious notes, I am unable to give details, generally just like to ‘wing’ it and get a surprise.

Spun yarn from previous post “Woolly Batts”

Detail of the handspun eucalypt fibre.  Two skeins of about 160g in total and spun to about a 4 ply (sportweight).  Difficult to photograph the soft blending colours.

Hoping to read posts from those in the pathway of ‘Irene’ soon, so that I know all is well in that part of the world and the storm has passed, hopefully without causing too much damage.  Local news has shown us some flooding in Lower Manhattan and Long beach, but not much more.  May everyone be safe.  Am thinking of you all and wishing you well. Take care.

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3 Responses to Moments in the sun

  1. Storm loomed for days, with nothing else on the news, subways and busses shut down and some people werre force evacuated, anxious nights then,,,…Ms.

  2. ...iph... says:

    Oh, your “shades of eucalyptus” image is spectacular. It looks like an incredible bouquet! We were among the lucky ones here in western Mass–we managed to get through the storm without even losing power. Many of the surrounding communities had severe flooding and were evacuated. Heartbreaking–just to the north of us in Vermont, a quilting studio (of all things) was torn from its moorings in the flood.

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