Flying High

The antics of animals make me smile, she brings sunshine every day!

Sophie defying gravity.

Caught in the act.

The depth of colour that can be achieved using natural plant material never ceases to amaze.  Had a dyeing day some months back using cloves, green tea, marigold flowers, tumeric, rose petals and berries (roughly from left to right on the clothesline).  No mordants, just a variety of pots. The fibres include handspun wool, silk, linen, cotton organza, silk waste and a little handspun fibre from’ Inka’ my English Angora Bunny.

Samples boxed and waiting……..

and feathers for Jude.  Early ventures into the unknown – no pattern to follow, just instinct and Jude , Spirit Cloth.

Have a great day.

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13 Responses to Flying High

  1. What a wonderful dog! And how lovely the dyed cloth on the line (thank you for including what dyes you used-could you tell me what extra substance, if any, you use to set the dyes? I noted in the past a tendency for plant dyed fabric to run color in the wash)–and the feathers for Jude…just beautiful. I specially love the greenish one (teal?) at the bottom.

  2. Angie Willis says:

    I was fascinated to read that you used no mordants. I’ve never tried dying but have a hankering to do so (all those blackberries in the hedgerows are just screaming at me to give it a go!). But I read that you need to use salt first. Love your feathers too – I’ve nearly finished my first and have an idea floating around in my head for a second. Seems a pity to send just one all that way 🙂

    • Ingrid says:

      Took a long time to try natural dyeing, then just thought, ‘what have I got to lose – a bit of cloth, berries and spent time’. I read a lot, but I learn by doing, in the end it really doesn’t matter, as long as you have fun along the way. Have spent my life worrying about doing things correctly and what other people might think. Now, I throw some plant material in a pot, add some fibre/cloth and simmer or put in the sun – see what I get, some will take longer than others. There are those that have a very systematic, mathematical approach, but this is infintely more enjoyable and I can always dye over it if I am not happy. Most of the time it all works out. They will fade over time, but that patina is gorgeous and I tend to love it more. As children we played, as adults we forget to play, too wound up in a regimented world. Go play!

  3. deanna7trees says:

    how cute is your dog. he must be very happy to jump that high. beautiful dyed cloth. and love those feathers for jude. they’re accumulating fast.

  4. Jenny McH says:

    Your list of items you used to dye with is so interesting….beautiful colours. I also especially like your greenish feather for Jude. Don’t our pets give us so much pleasure!

  5. ...iph... says:

    Your fibers and feather are *gorgeous.* I’m still somewhat in the “worrying about doing things correctly and what other people might think” with certain things (especially with two small children!), so the idea of just throwing things into the pot and seeing what comes out is marvelously liberating.

    Love the pics of your pup, too. We have a similar fence around our yard, and I have a lot of photos of our son levitating just like this (the sprinkler seems to have that magical effect on him). :o)

  6. Hi Ingrid where do you buy your silk waste from x
    would love to know

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