Foggy Start

Woke to a gentle covering of fog – not dense, just there.


Handkerchief linen out of the dye-pot, unwrapped and waiting for a feather!  Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth has a wonderful project going and I thought this little piece of fabric might be just the thing for the “Magic Feather Cloth”.  Do look up her blog, she is an inspiration.

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5 Responses to Foggy Start

  1. deanna7trees says:

    hi Ingrid. just came over from Jude’s blog. so excited to find another blog to follow. i am also into eco-dyeing, feathers, etc. and i signed up for a spinning class next Saturday. i’ve been wanting to learn to spin with a drop spindle but have not been successful on my own. welcome to the blogging world.

  2. deb says:

    welcome to blogland! It will be interesting to see what she makes of all these feathers…

  3. libbyQ says:

    i can imagine one of those beautiful feathers here . . .
    can’t wait to see it as you progress.


  4. Sally jo says:

    Welcome. Found you via jude. yes, she has inspired us all. anxious to see your feather.

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